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Dubai Projects establishes and/or acquires lucrative companies in a variety of high growth sectors throughout the region. Ranging from giant industrial facilities to scenic five star resorts, there is very little in terms of opportunities that can be considered too ambitious and challenging for Dubai Projects to take on and the sky is the limit.

Dubai Projects prides itself on its agility, independence and more importantly its ethical approach when it comes to investments. Our ability to mobilize resources quickly and efficiently is remarkable and our track record at providing generous returns to our investors in an increasingly competitive global market is outstanding.

Dubai Projects was established in 2002 by a group of visionary individuals who are highly renowned in the UAE and across the region. Their vision, commitment and perseverance coupled with an outstanding and thoroughly experienced management team have afforded Dubai Projects the opportunity to become a true investment powerhouse in the UAE and the Middle East.

Dubai Projects benefits from a team structure which has been put in place to optimize and streamline the investment decision process, enabling the company to deliver on its commitment to complete projects on time and within budget. Furthermore, with a network of powerful allies and business associates, the company can easily access funds and innovative new processes which result in an unparalleled return on investment.